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Plaza Mid-Wood is an unique historic neighborhood with a diverse business district and beautifully shaded neighborhood streets. Like most of Charlotte the Plaza redefined itself from rural farmland to a cozy close knit urban community. In order to keep with the charming character of this neighborhood newly constructed homes are being recreated to look similar to those homes that already exist. Some of the homes and commercial buildings have been revitalized while preserving the old facade. If you were to take a stroll down the Plaza one will see a picturesque story being told from the porches of the bungalow homes being occupied by families enjoying their neighbors and people saying hello to strangers. It’s the epitome of a Norman Rockwell’s painting. When visiting Plaza Mid-Wood you can sense the cohesiveness of the community and flavor for life. Through perseverance and hard work this community has been steadfast in growth and development.
Delicious food for your palate, dance, yoga and a community health food store is just some of the amenities you will find close at hand when living in this neighborhood. All of this and just minutes from Uptown. Can you imagine standing at the top of Central Avenue and seeing the skyline well you should because that is what you get living in Plaza Mid-wood.

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